Friday, November 23, 2012

Cultural disconnect

I asked for a laminator at school, but I never got one.  It would have been useful in creating materials for games and activities that would last year after year.

I keep waiting for co-teachers to make time for lesson planning and some strategies for classroom management.

I have been hoping at some point I will become just another teacher at the schools I work in.

I pay rent by transferring money to my landlord’s account and I need someone with a bank account in the same bank to help with that each month.

I am hoping we can start to buy the supplies we will need for the English camp we will have on Dec. 25th and 26th.

I appreciate privacy and have some fears Thais will just come over.  Our conversation ends quickly because of language, yet they will just continue to sit.

I have tried to have conversations about problems, but nothing really gets resolved.

I got her that beautiful new bookcase, why isn’t she using it?

She has the only room in the school with an air-conditioner, I know she gets very hot in Thailand.

We remember to tell her often that she is beautiful and we have fun trips planned in the future.

It will be fun to go to Laos for the day.

The camp should only be one day and it will be a big Christmas party.  Maybe someone can be Santa and we will get supplies later, maybe the 24th.

She is very odd, never opens her door.  She says hello, but how can she live alone, no family and maybe ghosts come at night?

We will go to dinner 3 times this week to celebrate promotions and have fun.

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