Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thai BBQ

The Thais love barbeque, Thai style.  I have had it at home and in a restaurant.   The pictures aren’t great, but you’ll get the idea.  The tables all have a hole cut in the middle.  When you sit down, someone carries a container of burning coals to the table and it fits into the hole.  Then the “grill” is placed on top of the coals and a piece of fat, probably pork, sits on top to grease the cooking surface.
You go to the buffet and there is an amazing array of fish, meat, and seafood.  There are also heaping plates of vegetables.  The rim of the bbq is a “bowl” that is filled with water (from a tea kettle).  The veggies and some fish go in the rim to cook, while the meat grills on top.  Thais love meat and  huge amounts are cooked on these grills.  You take them off one at a time as they are done and a meal lasts a long time.
The dessert buffet has all sorts of jellied fruit and syrups that are poured over shaved ice.

getting the coals
 before coals are placed in the hole

                     hot coals
all the meats


 teachers from Ban Sam


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